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Don't Believe These ASO Myths

Hang on! Are you planning to grow your business through a mobile application? The urge of business owners to get their own mobile application on the app stores is growing more and more. However, this also leads to the growth of misconceptions about ASO. If you want to achieve success for your app business, you need to learn about those myths and the truth behind them.

Myth 1:
You need to change the title of your app frequently for better ASO.

Fact 1:
It’s a wrong assumption. You should stick with one title for your app and optimize it accordingly on the app store.

Myth 2

Keywords are not that important.

Fact 2:

Keywords are the decisive factor for the app ranking on the app stores. With the relevant keywords, you can improve the app visibility and ranking on the app store.

Myth 3:

Rating is the only factor.

Fact 3:

It’s true that a better rating can bring your more conversion but it’s not paramount. If your app has better usability and engagement then it could get a better ranking even with a low rating.

Myth 4:

The app description isn’t important.

Fact 4:

Description plays an important role in ASO of your app, especially on Google Play. While it doesn’t affect much on the Apple App Store.

Myth 5:

Having your app on the app store is enough.

Fact 5:

To get recognition for your app, you need to get more downloads from the user end. Only having your app on the app store will not help you to achieve success for your app business.

These are some of the myths and facts which can help you to enhance the visibility and ranking of your mobile app. But if you still are facing issues, you can contact us. We are here to help you.

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