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Impact Of Visuals In The App Store Optimization

Want to get more conversion for your application on the app store? With keyword optimization, you might be able to attract users’ attention. However, to get more installation, you also need to optimize it visually.

Usually, people don’t read the whole app’s description before installing it. It takes only a few seconds for them to decide whether to install that application or not. In such a case, having aesthetic graphical content would be a great advantage for your app to increase conversion on the app store.

Here are the visual elements that can affect your conversion:


It’s the very first element on the page the users’ pay their attention to. Make sure that it should be distinguishable and also shows the feature of your mobile app.


Apple App Store lets you add up to 10 screenshots, while you can add up to 8 screenshots in Google Play Store. Usually, most users don’t check all the screenshots. As the display of mobile is small, users can view up to 2 screenshots only. While you should show the main features and advantages of the app in the first two screenshots. That way, users can take the decision to install the app after having a single look.


A publisher can use different types of themes to add screenshots to the app store. Based on different color variations, panoramic design, or using some simple screenshot images, you can create a perfect theme, which can capture the attention of users.


Video previews can substantially help you to get better conversions. Based on a split-testing report, the applications which have video previews are having 16 % more engagement and installation rate.

So what do you think, do you want to add visuals as a part of your ASO strategy. You can leave your comments below.

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