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The Best Mobile App Optimisation Strategies That You Should Follow Now

With the different sets of app store algorithms, it hasn’t been easier to fulfill the ranking criteria for app stores. For each mobile app marketplace, the algorithms have been evolving more and more. As you can see that there is quite a difference in the ASO criteria for mobile app optimization between the Google play store and the Apple App Store. And based on that, their search results are also quite different. For example, when you are searching for a keyword in the App Store, it will show the app icon with name, subtitle, video, and screenshots. On the other hand, in the Play Store, you will find the app icon with its name only. 

When you upload metadata for iOS app, you can add keywords (100 characters) which aren’t visible. While Google Playstore doesn’t rely on keyword field. Instead it looks for the density of keywords in the title, subtitle and description etc.

Nevertheless, you need to make good use of keywords to rank your mobile app on both app stores. In the Google Play Store, you have the freedom to make use of keywords in the title and description to improve ASO. But in the Apple App Store, you have the limitations for using keywords since Apple is very strict about the usage of keywords and its description part is not having any impact on the app store ranking. On the other hand, screenshots and videos can help you to improve the conversion rate optimization (CRO) in the Apple app store. It seems that Google is also experimenting with its UI, and in the future, there is a possibility that it would also include screenshots as a part of its ASO process.

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