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What Is ASO And What Is Its Importance?

ASO or App Store Optimisation is a set of techniques following which you can improve the visibility of a mobile app in the app store (App Store for Apple, Android for Google). You can say that it is a similar process as Search Engine Optimisation for websites. Just like the SEO process, in the ASO process, optimization of mobile apps gets them into top ranks for the searched keywords on the app store.

Now you know what app store optimization is, but do you know about its importance? As you can see, nowadays, most of the users make use of mobile apps doing shopping, chatting, playing games and watching movies, etc. It turns out that apps are developing as a business platform. In the app store, users can find n number of apps with different genres and features. If you don’t want your app to be invisible (Zombie App), you need to optimize your app to get more installations.

While ASO isn’t a one time process. Based on the trends in the market, you need to research and test your keywords to enhance app visibility. There comes the solutions – Appinions. Using Appinions, you can find out the keywords with high click rates and optimize your app accordingly.

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