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Top 5 Keyword Research Tool For Better App Store Optimization

Have you seen, there are so many web & mobile apps popping up these days? Well! Everybody is trying to leverage the magic of app marketing the best way they can. And to get ahead, businesses & firms are upgrading their communication styles by every means possible.

In one way, app marketing is helping them achieve milestones. But every AppStore platform has its limitations. Any popular app store might not allow a new app just because it didn’t have an eligible number of reviews.

But what is a better way to counter those issues than launch and optimize a niche-centric app store?

So, let us understand how we can leverage App Store Optimization (ASO) tools for better use.

Here we go!

What Is App Store Optimization (ASO)?

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App store optimization is a full-fledged marketing technique that allows the platform to rank high based on the most searched keyword of the targeted niche. The ASO process revolves around enhancing the visibility of mobile & web apps. The main motive behind performing the procedure is to stimulate traffic and ultimately boost ROI.

In a nutshell, ASO aims to amplify your application ranking across various search engines & app stores. It allows you to hack into the search algorithm and push your application for better app discovery.

Let us take an example.

Search for an app in any app store or browser.

Now look at the result – There are some apps you haven’t heard of, along with the most popular ones.

There is an app in the topmost section of the list. And below that, there are some apps on the recommended list.

Now schedule a timer of at least one week and repeat the process.

Can you see the same list again? No, right? Well! It is because of the ASO.

So, what ASO does is it evaluates the optimized applications and puts them forward. That is why the list changes now and then. It means you might have to work hard and smart to be on the list each time your audience searches for you.

However, you might require some assistance from the industry-leading app store optimization tools. Well! Look no further because we have created a list of 5 hand-picked ASO tools that can work wonders for your app marketing goals.

Check them out!

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Get started with the first app in the list Apptweak. And boost your visibility with its simple interface and meaningful insights. This platform allows your application to rank at the top of the search results. All thanks to its ASO, monitoring, and keyword research solutions.

You can easily create customized user experience design strategies using the data from social media advertising and unique search ads.

Additionally, optimizing your tactics, you can increase the natural downloads and visibility of your applications. Moreover, the platform allows you to track keyword value, investigate your competitors’ moves, and look for expansion possibilities.

App Radar

App Radar is another platform that assists you in improving organic downloads for your app, streamlining processes, and gathering insightful data. It provides physical servers, end-to-end encryption, secure transmission, clear disclosures, and authorized permissions.

Apart from this, the platform assists you in every stage. Whether you want your app to expand or just get started with App Store Marketing, App Radar has got it all covered.

With this platform you can directly update your listing while tracking app discovery. AI in this tool also helps to optimize your app for the most popular keywords.

Well! In addition to this, App Radar comes with the features like keyword analysis, visibility optimization, conversion optimization, rating/review response, and cost/ success improvement for your ads. Additional services provided by App Radar include creatives, analysis and planning, ASO training, ASA campaigns, and more.


According to geekflare.com, you can sign up to AppFollow and increase conversion rates by 11%. In fact, it is a lot quicker to assess your performance by monitoring the ASO KPIs and app performance from your account.

Well! We all know how hard it is to keep track of the needed updates in your app. Additionally, the platform lets you keep track of modifications to the app’s aesthetics, ranks among competitors, revisions of page, phrasing, level of difficulty, and user popularity.

In our quest for surprising features, there are a few more you could run into. You can use the app to directly receive alerts on featured apps, rankings, and keywords, as well as alerts via email and Slack. You will receive updates every month on the effectiveness and conversion rates.


ASOdesk enables you to study and track user reviews in the Google Play and App Store. Which allows you to improve your app rating and visibility insights. With this platform, you can respond to every review and understand your customers.

Track each conversion, organic remarketing, the impact of advertising traffic, ASO performance, and viral traffic with ease.

The platform helps you obtain all relevant data regarding the applications of your competitors. With this, you may use advanced analytics tools to assess and identify growth prospects.

In addition, you can easily store, edit, and publish the metadata for your application on the App Store. Also, It is simpler to keep an eye on well-liked keywords from all over the world with ASOdesk.


AppFigures is last but not the least app on our list. The platform allows you to analyze your competitors’ apps and provides some of the best recommendations. All thanks to its well-curated artificial intelligence.

You can use the platform to understand and analyze the growth of your competitors. Decoding their strategies has never been this easy. Once you have uncovered their secret, there is only one thing left – converting app reviews & actionable insights into ROI.

Moreover, you can monitor sales, downloads, and performance for all of the apps in one location. In addition, you can identify new keywords, download trends, & market performances to make better decisions for your app marketing.


Competitions across the different industry verticals are soaring high these days. And as you may have observed, optimizing your app toward a better ranking score requires a lot of analytical game plans. And that is why we have created a list of ASO tools to assist you with everything you need.

Our motto is to deliver you the right set of features. You could be here for an ROI boost or simply to compare your app’s performance to the competition. Well! We have got you covered. Go through the blog and try the listed tools yourself!

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