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Remarkable Website- To Increase Organic Visibility Of Mobile App

Want to make your mobile app stand out from the rest of the applications in the marketplace? Just creating a great app is not enough to draw the attention of your target users. You must invest in the app store optimization (ASO) process to enhance your app visibility.

Nowadays, most companies have their own mobile app available on the app store. But the problem is that they couldn’t draw users’ attention to download their mobile applications. To overcome this issue, even if you put some more effort into building ASO for your application, there is a chance that you may not get favorable results.

Just like in the SEO process, enhancing the organic reach of a mobile app on market place is getting tougher. As we know that many big players are trying really hard to improve their SERP on the search engine, it’s the same in the case of app store optimization, where you will face too much competition to enhance the visibility of your mobile app. While to overcome this problem, you may rely on the remarkable websites that provide services to optimize your mobile application on the Google marketplace and Apple App store.

How To Improve The Visibility of Mobile Apps?

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If you want to improve the SEO of a website, it is necessary to provide high-quality backlinks. And it’s also the same for the ASO process as well. Thus any form of traffic to your application that may result in app download will also enhance the rank placement of your application in the mobile app store.

However, these all matter only when the ASO of your mobile application is updated. While it may seem like SEO and ASO are similar, the difference between them is that the SEO process allows you to rank your website on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. On the other hand, the ASO process helps you to make your mobile application appear on the top search results on the Play store (Android) and App Store (iPhone).

To improve the ASO of your mobile application, here are some factors which you mustn’t overlook.

Besides these, there are also some hidden factors that app stores don’t disclose to the developers when determining app ranking. Such factors can play an important role in determining the app ranking, and most mobile app development companies are eager to learn about them.

In such a case, companies can approach ASO services providing sites. It is an AI-driven ASO platform that allows you to monitor the competitive insights available on the Play store or App store. It has a set of optimizing tools that you may utilize to check app performance, keyword analytics, organic search report, and app store analytics. And accordingly, optimize your mobile application to rank higher in the App Store/Play store.

Know More About App Visibility

Even if you work harder to improve the ASO standards of your app, you need to get higher download rates for it to survive. Along with that, you need to consider the rating and reviews of the application also since most people look for apps with higher download rates and high ratings.

The comments on your application show the retention of app users, which also affects your application visibility. There is no magic formula that would help you to gain more app downloads. However, you can rely on ASO techniques to optimize your app visibility little by little.

So, now you are ready with your App marketing strategies to get a top spot for your application on the App store. You must try harder to find more relevant keywords and optimize your app descriptions and tags accordingly. Isn’t it?

Last year, there was an official announcement by Apple- that they are implementing the tag search feature, which is available in fewer countries. This feature is available to some iOS 14.5 and iOS 14.4.2 users.

Based on queries of users, it works like a constructor that ads a query to a tag. For example, if someone is searching for “Games,” it will show “Puzzle,” which would search for the keyword “Puzzle Games.” Or if you are searching for “Food,” the tag “Delivery” may come up. And if you click on that, it shows apps ranking for the “Food Delivery” keyword.

Drive More Organic Installs On Mobile App

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As you may already know, the competition in the mobile app marketplace has increased exponentially. And some big brands are spending every ounce of strength to pick the top spot on the Google Play store, and Apple app store. While if you want your app to survive that much competition, here we are showing some powerful tactics that can really help you.

Build your ASO strategy with the Top 11 ASO Strategies to promote your mobile application. Your mobile applications- icon, description, and screenshots will determine how many downloads it receives. It is vital for app icons to be eye-catching, engaging, concise, and easy-to-remember, to increase conversion rates.

Both the Google Play store and the Apple app store give the option to pre-register your app and build awareness with the audience. Doing so can help you to bring excitement among the users who want to try your application. You can also offer rewards to your users and attract more downloads for your application.

Also, when users pre-order the app, they must be priority notified when the app is available to download and charge only after getting their approval. Such things can help you build a better customer experience for your users, which would eventually result in you getting higher ratings, good reviews, and more downloads on your mobile app

One of the best ways to increase app installation is App localization. Google prioritizes apps that are localized to provide a better user experience. And based on that, the application with localization gets a higher position in the App store.

An application that appeals to a geographic-specific marketplace can get more app downloads. It would help them to gain more organic downloads instead of spending more paid investments to gain more app downloads.

If you want your application to appear on the search queries of your target users, then you must optimize your app content with more relevant keywords. The applications with accurate keyword optimization appear on top search results. And by relying on the same strategies, you can gain more visibility and downloads for your app without relying on paid marketing strategies.

Last but not least, after trying all the tactics to gain user acquisition, you might still want to enhance your app visibility. Also, with paid ads, you could grab the attention of loyal users who may attract other people to download your application. In such instances, paid advertisements can also help you to gain organic downloads.

Also, you may invest in social media marketing strategies to boost your app acquisition. As the industry is growing more competitive, it has become harder for companies to increase app visibility via organic means.

While relying on paid ads isn’t a bad idea, there is still quite a competition in that space. So, unless you don’t strengthen the ASO of your mobile application, paid adverts won’t be able to help you get organic downloads in the long term.

Final Thoughts

After going through the whole article, you might have realized that if you want to survive in the competitive mobile marketplace, you must focus on the fundamentals. First, you should start by building ASO strategies for your mobile application.

Optimize your application on the Google Play store and Apple App store. So, it would appear on the search results of relevant queries. You may also rely on a remarkable website for ASO services providing you with various ASO tools to enhance your mobile app marketing strategies.

If you have more queries regarding ASO strategies, you can mention them in the comment section. We will try our best to help you with satisfactory answers.
If you have more queries regarding ASO strategies, you can mention them in the comment section. We will try our best to help you with satisfactory answers.

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